bitcoin is good or bad for investment Complete Analysis-2020

bitcoin is good or bad for investment Complete Analysis-2020



Investment and Business are things in which you have influence.In which things you don’t have influence then such things you can’t called as investment.


If you influence anything and it can’t change then that particular thing you can’t called as investment.Similarly Bitcoin is like this.

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Digital currency group Barry Silbert

He own thinks that Cryptocurrency is the investment of highest risk and highest return.More risk and More return are not in other investment according to Crypto Currency.

In these lines there are many hidden things in “crypto currency ”  You have to understand that any investment who’s daily flucuation is more than 30%in a day.If any investment who’s go up or down of 30% in a day then it means that it  is very unsafe investment.

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You can determine these by the statment of Warren Buffet who is known as a well and experienced invester.He had told that in 2014 only that Cryptocurrency is can be examined  as a cheat.

“Warren Buffet Say’s that.An idea has any huge intrinsic value is a joke for me.”

Acorrding to him people are not buying the value of substance but they are buying the value of hype

Hype is incrasing thatswhy people are buying.Actual things about Bitcoin doesn’t known to anyone that how Bitcoin increase

How Bitcoin work

How bitcoin works,work of bitcoin,how bitcoin influence investor

If you can’t influence any things in that investment is danger.It is a blind way you can’t see anything that further what will happen.

If a haircutter, a chocolate seller,a shoe polisher everyone wants to buy cryptocurrency Because everyone buying They also don’t known about Bitcoin.

You can’texplain  Bitcoin to  your parents.Because cryptocurrency Running such alogrithms that few peoples are known or it don’t known to anyone.You Can’t influence these.

How bitcoin works,work of bitcoin,how bitcoin influence investor

Just focus the line any thing that is not in your control or in your influence than investing on that things only is a blind path.

Investment largest company Berkshire Hathway. he’s Vice chairman Charlie Munger from starting he is saying that it is a fever you have to avoid it Because it will spread more people and large amount of people will join it. 

I will give you an example According to these is Rakesh JhunJhunwala,he saying that I can’t understand why people and investor are become mad about Bitcoin,According to him there is no base for Bitcoin If any thing not have any base than it will can’t survive for longer time.

Basically Bitcoin Started as an exchange and today it become investment for everyone.But these Investment is a virtual investment not actual investment

Differentiation Virtual investment and actual investment

Because these is a Virtual investment then its growth and its loss is more there is no calculation and no peridictability Now because of no calculation and no peridictability then it blindness become more

Benjamin Grahaman : A world millionaire invester he’s mentor telling him father of investing He has given predication as many years ago he told that these type of currency make many people in loss these not exist long term value

people crazy because of bitcoin,bitcoin craze,bitcoin peoples

We can invest in Cryprocurrency you can’t think that in these Analysis I am against of cryptocurrency.

I give you calculation for you that for you cryptocurrency is perfect or not. cryptocurrency is perfect for those who have many income source and they have lot of money means you have more money that you can afford the loss.

In virtual investment the predictability is more in Cryptocurrency because of low predictability If you want to exclude fast from these If you want to come after 1 year from it then it will be difficult for you after one year what happen we can’t know.

If today you will monitor it in morning and evening that its ok and also these is possibility apply when you have more money that if you loss also then you can’t break. Then Cryptocurrency is ok for you.

Differentiation between virtual and actual investment.

Actual investment growth,virtual investment growth
virtual investment growth

In virtual investment we taking Bitcoin and in actual investment we are taking e.g of 1.equality fund 3.share and other type of investments.

Actual and virtual first difference is Actual is little bit lazy and slow But it was more predictable while Virtual  is fast and  not predictable.

In virtual investment one day 6000 second day 1000 and third day 6000 so this is the sharp down we know that it is not an investment it is a gambling.

Actual Investment,virtual investment,actual investment vs virtual invetsment, bitcoin investment

But another side In Actual investment it has a calculation and predictability It is an Actual investment which is after two years Five year rising In here you can make a plan but in Bitcoin you can’t Plan its not a dependable Things But in actual investment you can depend .

You can’t purchase a Bitcoin for your child but you can make F.D or Saving for your child.

Actual investment is a old concept,detailed Track,high credibilty .In Bitcoin you can’t get tax benifit  before or after But In actual investment there are many  investment in which you can have tax benifit.

In Bitcoin government take all the money but in actual investment government encourage you.In Bitcoin government discourages you Because Bitcoin is using in a black marcket. The hackers are using these But in Actual investment There is according to the government rules and there monitoring system .

In Actual investment you also earn and government also earn thats way government encourage you.

Risk In cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is purely digital so these happen before that hacker hack someone Bitcoin account But in Actual system it can’t  be hacked because it involved third person like banks.

Safe bitcoin investment,safe investment
Actual Investment

Bitcoin is purely digital so these happen before that hacker hack someone Bitcoin account But in Actual system it can be hacked because it involved third person

See anything can be hacked Debit card ,credit card etc But in Actual Investment third party involvement there is a government and bank .If by mistake yours money transfer to another account than it can be reversed.

Virtual Investment

But in Cripto currency If by mistake tranfered to any other account then it can’t be reversed else person own’s can reverse otherwise it can’t because there is no third party Involvement

In debit card,credit card case there is a bank so it will help you, but in Bitcoin it will not reverse. In Crypto currency It happen 2 to 3 time hacking and future we can’t say.

Bitcoin money is irreverseable but in Actual investment It can be reversable.and also in Bitcoin you can’t insure your Bitcoin But in actual investment There is an insurance.

Bitcoin is a blind game.

bitcoin is a blind game

In Bitcoin many people involve then In any day the price is get more low then to cash out that money it get more problem But In Actual investment the price is get low there is possible to cashout.It will sell in less price But it will cashout.

Many people are thinking these post is against Bitcoin But It is not against Bitcoin But I want to clear that In such places There is no Calculation no predication its going blind so these is not good.

investment in brain ,investment in cash ,investment in cash and investment in brain
Investment in cash and brain

According to me investment in your cash can any time crash, but invest in your brain can give you highest gain.

If you invest in your Business then it will more growth according to Bitcoin.

Just concentrate these Tata, Birla, Billgates, they are not invest there money in Bitcoin They invest there money in There Business And become Richest Person.

Invest your money in 2 things.

Investment in cash,investment in brain,strong investment

First one is in your Business and second one is your Brain.

The brain is a thing which will help you to make a empire of your own If you don’t invest in that only,then how you think that you will get a large empire.

Focus on 2 investment investment
2. grow your business  by investing in Brain.

Investing in your earning is good But Investing in your learning is also important Because If your learning will grow then only it impact to your earning.

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