Top 3P for MLM  to succeed- Network Marketing Complete Guide

Top 3P for MLM to succeed- Network Marketing Complete Guide


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What is Multi Level Marketing.

Many people are saying it is a Network Marketing,Chain Marketing,Pyramid Scheme. Today In these post I will tell you what is the Actual Multi Level Marketing.

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Multilevel Marketing is well thought Philosophical scientific process  to market any product,goods on service.

How Multi Level Marketing.

How mlm works,how network marketing works,netwrok marketing working system

Multilevel Marketing is a process in which Distribution are individual who dirctly join the manufaturer and they sell the product to the counsumer.


Why Multi Level Marketing has negative image

Multilevel Marketing is very well known and good Industry but why Multilevel Marketing has a negetive image.Its is a way that other scheme/scam company come and take a lot  of money from the people and left the market.scheme and scam are make the negetive image of the Multilevel marketing otherwise it is a powerful industry which make people faster and stable crorepati.

Mutlilevel Marketing is not bad It has two things bad either the company is bad who things that make fraud with people and ran, either these people who failed in these industry they can’t achieve success in these industry then these typeof people discourage other people about Multilevel Markettng because they thing that they can’t achieve success in these industry then the industry is bad or you also not try you must fail in these.

You have to understand before Before joining in which company you are joining is good or bad. How would you understand a company You have to understand the company with the help of 3Ps:

3P of Network Marketing

1.People philosophy

When you go for joining the company don’t see that how much you earn don’t see that very faster you become the crorepati from the company.You have to see the company,people and philosophy.The company has the binding force with the help of these people joined it.Has the company people had a good culture? Has the company people has the good leadership quality? Has the company providing to their people a better traning.

Just focus on these line.
If there is no focus on learning and development In network Marketing then that company will not survive.

Profit of multi level marketing

If any company talking about profit only and culture also talking about profit only.There is no purpose no philosophy. If that company manpower the people are working there if you go and meet them and have bad feeling then don’t join that company.

See that you are not meeting to greedy people they are only talking about money only having dreams is another reasonbut running company with a reason that is become Binding force of organisation belief. Where the people join there without salary also people want to join it then that
company is good for you.

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In multilevel Marketing company you achieve success or not,But in which company you joined they providing you the good training,In that company people are good, the company root is based on philosophy,mortality.In that company working on honesty,integrity,character,Principal,Value etc then that company will grow in network Marketing and with  that company you will also grow so the company you join must be focus on these things.

Network Marketing is only Industry in which without salary there is high motivation while other industry there are more salary ,more incentivemore payout and more facilities but also there in no high motivation in employers.


mlm product,network marketing product,mlm product and goods

Product must be very good.The product must be liked that people love to enjoy that product, It must be in budget and It has the value in the market.

The product must be use again and again by the people.In that product there is a trust.The product must be address consumer buying Behaviour .You have to understand that your company only focusing on concept its not like these make much people to join and earn money.

It has a growth in your product and also for your product  there is a feedback system with the help of consumer feedback syou will get to know that how much your products  needs improvement and what is the public demand in the market accordingly you work on it.

3. Plan Profit and Payout

The 2P I had Explain you is implemented than plan profit automatically become perfect you have to just check that company pay at the end of the year or you are getting or not monthly either weekly payouts. 

And plan profit must be responsible for you otherwise 2ps is perfect then don’t take worry about the earning it becomes more and more.

Actual Network of marketing works on power of compounding. Power of compounding means compounding effects.

Aienstein says: compouding interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

You take two example:You can do production of wheat at one side and other side you can do production of mango.

Wheat crop vs mango crop,differentiation of mlm,differentiation of network marketing

A wheat will grow in 4 month While the mangoes will grow in 4 years.The wheat will grow fastly. If we grow Mangoes kernels  then it take 4years to grow and after 4 years also you can’t get anything but after it, you will get mangoes for long time you will get it again and again. you don’t want to worry about future as it is one time investment Similarly Network  Marketing is like this.

People are saying Network Marketing is a work in which you become crorepati fastly without efforts and hardwork.

network marketing is good,you will earn money from network amrketing ,network marketing makes you crorepati

He is telling lie to you.Its not happen In any industry of our world.No business can make you millinaire overnight.

If the people are saying these Networking Marketing make you crorepati within these much of months without any hard work then it is scam.

Differentiation between Network Marketing and Job

Network marketing vs job,mlm vs job ,which pay more network marketing or job,network marketing is goo from job

In Network Marketing you have to do continously hard work and the result you will get is compounding result beside these In your jobs and business also you have to do continously hard work but in that your will not get compounding result .

These is the difference between Network Marketing and Jobs.

Any of these is easy
It is easy to become chartered Account?
It is easy to become company secretory?
It is easy to become IAS office?

No anything is not easy in the world

But In Networks Marketing You Are Educated Then Its well and good, If you Are not Educated then also It ok. In network Marketing all the things need is hardworking

In networks Marketing constantly the hardwork must be done.You want to grow or bright your future in mlm then choose a good Network Marketing Company, you not getting money from there don’t worry you are getting knowledge of MLM which make youto crate your own company MLM comapny.

In these industry you will become powerful from inner

The bad people who give a bad path will get you in any other company also and in these industy also, but don’t become untrustable for these or any industry because o few peoples

one thing you have to remember is understand the bad people and bad company

Benefits of Network Marketing

These industries has many benefit that i will share you

Facts of network marketing,Benefits of network marketing

1.In network marketing you own write your cheque.

2.If you are a hard working person than your job and future both will safe.

3.Within small investment you will get more returns.

4.For Entrepreneur,mentally freedom of time is a powerful ways.

5 You are limitless you can do mlm in any city in any state and build your business.

6.These is the only relation in which you can create more freinds you can create more people and the respect you will get is more than filmstars.

7.If you had done one time hard working then the income will not stop.God will not do,But if you had happen something,then your family has not to face problem the money will not stop your earning will get to them.

In Network Marketing one factor is very good that in these,there is not determination of Age,Religion,Sex,Cast and Education.

In Network Marketing the one problem occurs that is Your Psycho-Physical nature match or not with mlm.

I will post on Psycho physical nature ,if you demand

But In these If your psycho physical nature is not match with it then I suggest you and most of the large mlm millionaire also suggest these don’t go For mlm Industry

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Psycho Physcial nature means
Man who takes action
Man who can process it
Man who generate more people
Man who have an idea

Psychometric Assesment

You have to make your own psychometric assessment.
In every human being there is an analysis of psychometric assessment with these analysis we know about our psycho-physical nature

Psycho means-Psychological nature and
Physical mean-Physiological nature

you have to understand your own psychological and physiological nature which help you to analyse that you will achieve success or not in Network Marketing.

Many of the people nature not match with these then also they start mlm and they fail in Network marketing.

Identfy your key competencies

Many large mlm companies before starting, they analyse
1.Competency Mapping
2.Competency Analysis

If you find a good company then Respect your upline.If you respect your upline then it chances that you will get benefits of it.Otherwise
you will not get loss from it.

You have to learn from your upline. Upline also help you to develop your belief and get quick success.

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